Do What You Say You’ll Do From Day 1

by Brendon on July 24, 2006

I was recommended a copywriter last Thursday.
On Friday morning I rang the copywriter and asked a few questions and asked for a few samples/portfolio examples to be emailed through.
The guy I spoke with said “Yes, no worries. I’ll email them to you this afternoon.”
I Didn’t Get Them In The Afternoon
I didn’t receive the info that afternoon.
The copywriter sent the info through the next day (Saturday) with his email saying “It was great speaking with you yesterday and my apologies for not getting back to you as promised…..”
I must be getting grumpy in my old age because I emailed him straight back letting him know we wouldn’t be using him. I didn’t even bother looking at his samples.
You see, no matter how good they are at copywriting, they’re crap at keeping promises. And if that’s the way they start a relationship it will just get worse.
As a busy web firm we just don’t have the time to be chasing up guys like copywriters to provide the information they were going to provide last week. We just can’t trust these guys to be useful to us and help us grow our business.
The best indicator of future performance is past performance.
If he doesn’t keep his promise the first time, he more than likely won’t keep them in the future.
Brendon “Grumpy” Sinclair

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