120 Valentine cards – and I won’t even get a date!

by Brendon on May 8, 2005

Howdy. Hope your day is going well.
This entry is one I’ve transferred over from the Tailored.com.au site from Feb 2004.
I’ve just posted off 120 Valentine Day cards and I’m certain I won’t get one date. Not a single one. I’ve sent them to young and old, male and female, gorgeous and not so gorgeous. But I know I still won’t get a date.
You see, I sent the cards to our clients and suppliers. The essential message inside was:
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You’re a wonderful client/person/whatever
And we want to thank you!
The card was signed from the whole team here, with dashes of humour here and there to personalise each card.
* As marketing people, we need to show that we know how to stand out.
* As businesspeople, we need to keep in contact with our clients.
* And as nice people, we need to say “Thank You” to our clients.
I’m sure many people will read this and go “Yeh, nice idea.”
But almost no-one will do it. And it’s this simple stuff that makes a difference.
All of these people will be receiving our offline newsletter in the next few weeks. And they all received christmas cards 6 weeks or so ago.
Keeping in contact can be the easiest thing to do. And the best. Like the ad says – Just do it!

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