One of the thriving industries here on the Gold Coast is a business called Management Rights – it’s where a manager manages a resort and takes a % of the rent (and other income sources) as the fee for services.

One such property is this management rights business in Main Beach.

These management rights businesses on the Gold Coast are rather popular and Jake and the team at MR Sales are well recognised as the industry leader.

Cleaning in Brisbane Site

by Brendon on February 9, 2013

A lovely quirky site for cleaners Brisbane caught my eye with a very different design and some personalised copy.

I’m big on making your marketing copy friendly and non-corporate – it goes a long way to building your brand.

And if Jo and the team from of family cleaners can do it on a simple Brisbane cleaning site, then just about anyone can.

I particularly like the About Us page where they mention something a little different about each team member.

Nice work and worth a look.



Building Inspections Gold Coast Crew

by Brendon on December 19, 2012

A quick shout out to the building inspections team from BPI Gold Coast.

These guys do quality inspections and provide comprehensive reports.  Well worth a look should you need their services.



Bond Cleaning Experts

by Brendon on October 24, 2012

Just chatting with a client who has a bond cleaning Gold Coast business on how he attracts his customers.

As always, the best way to market your business is via lots of different channels.  Don’t have all your eggs in just the Google basket.

Market your business – whether it’s bond cleaning, carpet cleaning or a resort – in lots of different ways for 2 main reasons:

  • get to as many people as possible,
  • don’t rely on just 1 source for leads

My bond cleaning client advertises his services everywhere and reaps the rewards.



Termite Inspections Guru

by Brendon on October 22, 2012

One of our clients is widely considered the termite inspections guru here on the Gold Coast.

Luke from The Pest Company has done a bit of TV work and knows termite work here on the Gold Coast .

Check him out in the video below.



Signs Gold Coast Experts

by Brendon on September 5, 2012

Just launched a bright new site for the team who do signs Gold Coast out of their Tweed Heads office.

Tony is a bit of a local legend when it comes to signage on the Gold Coast and has been in the industry for something like 34 years.  A country boy who had his business in Murwillumbah for many years, he’s down to earth and very easy to deal with.

He, along with the rest of the team, are true experts in signs and do the signage for national franchises to local shops.

Great people to deal with for all things signage.



Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

by Brendon on February 7, 2012

My old mate Luke Taylor has a lovely little business here on the Gold Coast cleaning carpets.

Well, not Luke actually doing the cleaning – last time he got his hands dirty was 1986.

It’s Luke’s business and his lads do a brilliant job of carpet cleaning on the Gold Coast.

Check them out here for more info.



New Sites Launched

by Brendon on October 10, 2011

Just doing a little work for a few different businesses, first up is Mark’s great ski Japan web site – if you want to go skiing in Japan and need cheap accommodation in an amazing ski resort, then the ski Japan site is it.

Then we have Ruth’s web site – Ruth is a marriage celebrant Gold Coast expert and happy to help anyone getting married.

Then there’s Steve’s house washing Brisbane web site – the lads do some great pressure cleaning to get your house sparkling clean.

And then there’s Dave’s Norfolk Island tourist site. Great value tours to Norfolk Island.



Great Car Cover Product

by Brendon on August 24, 2011

Doing a bit of work with the lads at – a site that sells a very cool car cover.

It really is the ultimate protection for a car – it’s so much more than a simple cover and protects the car from all sorts of nasties.

It’s for high end cars, not your family sedan, so if that fits you then check the guys at



Looking For Brendon Sinclair?

by Brendon on August 24, 2011

If you’re looking for Brendon Sinclair, inspiring speaker, author, etc, etc then you’ll find him over at

I’m him too and I’m thinking of using this site to simply redirect over to the site I’ve set up for my speaking gigs.

If you’re looking for my main business site then check out – that’s where the last 8+ years of articles, blogs, videos and more are.

You’ll find my old online radio show here (the stuff there is still relevant today).

Now I gotta go and think about what would be best to do with this site.