You know your luck is in when this happens!

by Brendon on April 13, 2005

A mate of mine runs a successful web development business. One of his team (let’s call him Tom) answered the telephone the other day from another web development business – one of the largest ones in the state. It was a wrong number.
“It’s John Doe here from XYZ Company. Is that ABC Pty Ltd (I made both those names up) – you’re interested in having a web site done?? We’re a web firm and we are trying to get hold of the brief.”
Tom: “Nope, you’ve got the wrong number.”
End of call.
Now Tom recognised ABC Pty Ltd as a decent sized business in the city. He picked the phone back up, contacted Yellow Pages for the number and made the call.
“Hello, it’s Tom here from Our Web Business. I understand you are interested in having a web site developed. We do web sites. Could we make a pitch for the site?”
Sure they could, was the answer. Tom got hold of the brief. The business made the pitch. And they won the job!
What are the odds of that happening?
The lesson is that opportunities present themselves anyplace, anytime. You have to grab the opportunities as they come.
I’ve just re-read that and it sounds like I made that story up! But I didn’t. I got it first hand from the guy who owns the business, and I knew it was true because he couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through telling me.

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