Why You Must Never Burn Bridges

by Brendon on November 5, 2007

1. I had a call today from a person who wants us to manage and maintain their web site.
5 years ago the then manager of this business asked us to do some search engine work on the site.
This person then proceeded to abuse us – as in was very, very verbally aggressive – when she didn’t show up at # 1 on Google for a very competitive keyword.
We asked her not to be our client anymore…….in the nicest possible way :o)
2. 4 years ago the business was sold and the new manager contacted us to do about $1,000 worth of general upkeep on the site.
3. 2 years ago the business was sold and the next manager contacted us for more web site work.
4. The next manager came with his own web development people and we were moved aside.
5. The business was sold again and today the newest manager called for us to take care of the site.
The One And Only Lesson
The 1 and only lesson here is this: Never, ever burn your bridges.
Keep plugging away as things come around again and again.

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