Why Reviews & Feedback Are So Valuable

by Brendon on October 12, 2005

In a blog below I mentioned my review of Aaron Wall’s SEO Book.
I notice that Aaron has done a review of my review. And in it he says some nice things about me.
Couple Of Reasons
Aaron has done that for a couple of good reasons:
# 1: Makes me feel good and helps me. Which means I’ll be more likely to promote his book.
# 2: Makes him look good by having a web design ‘expert’ give his book the 2 thumbs up (even if it’s him saying I’m the expert and then going on to say I gave him a good review).
Links To Me
I very rarely provide testimonials or reviews, but when I do I notice that people are quick to add the testimonial to their site. Which means, quite often, a nice link to my web site.
Which can be a big benefit for me.
Can you give someone a testimonail?

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