Update on SEO Work

by Brendon on September 28, 2005

Here’s the update for the situation I first mentioned below on 22 September titled Charging For A ‘Quote’.
It’s been a few days since I alerted the prospect to the page we uploaded that was optimised and achieved great rankings almost immediately.
I’ve emailed and spoken with the prospect – his boss was going to review the page and my email. I haven’t heard back as yet.
My guess is we won’t get this job – the longer a person takes to make a decision the more likely that decision is to be ‘No”.
What do we do? Our options are:
1. Continue liaising with the client
2. Wait for them to contact us
3. Remove the well-optimised page and move on
I’m going with # 3. My gut tells me this is not a client we want even if he does move from being a prospect to a client.
So we’ll move on and try band attract the clients we do like and enjoy working with.

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