This Is What I Hate

by Brendon on November 29, 2005

“Oh Brendon, we don’t have more than $1,000 to spend on the web site! Can you do it as cheaply as possible……. if you do a good job we’ll be sure to give you more work later.”
When I go to ring them back the next day I can’t speak with them. You see, they’re off to London for their annual 4 weeks holiday with the entire family.
And they take the Nanny too!
Be Tough
Be tough in your negotiations because that’s what business is about. Don’t compromise and do a job at a ridiculous low rate. You’ll hate doing the job and you’ll actually lose money.
Don’t be that sucker.
These days I don’t even entertain the tought of working with someone like the above (when I was starting out the clients all said “If you do a good job we’ll give you more work. That new work never eventuates.).
PS: The only bit I made up of the above is the Nanny. She didn’t go with them!

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