Thank You

by Brendon on March 23, 2005

This week I have attracted a new client. It’s for a web site redevelopment. Nice little job that gives us a few dollars profit.
We’ve already done the work and he’s paid the bill.
Then what he did was ring a friend in the same industry who also has a web site in need of upgrading. Our client not only highly recommended us but even rang the friend whilst I was in his office and said “I have Brendon here now, I’ll put him on.”
I now have a meeting with this client’s friend after Easter.
Today we’ll be posting our client a “Thank you for your business” card along with a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. All to say thanks for the business and also thanks for the referral.
Clients absolutely love it when you show your appreciation for their custom. Most clients feel hugely unappreciated and respond very positively to being thanked.
Plus it’s just good manners I think.
Give it a try with your next client and see how it goes.

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