Should You Start before You’re Ready

by Brendon on September 17, 2005

I was talking with a web developer yesterday who is soon to start business.
He wasn’t quite ready to start as he hadn’t got absolutely everything ready yet. He hadn’t organised a brochure as yet and he wanted to generate some publicity for his business as a kick off point (amongst other things).
I told him not to worry about that – just get out and start selling.
When I first started in web development I didn’t even have a web site for the first few years. And it didn’t matter one iota!
* Didn’t have a brochure (still don’t).
* Didn’t have a fax machine.
* Didn’t have a lot of things.
Don’t Wait Another Second
Don’t wait until everything is perfect before you start in business, or before you take your product to market for that matter.
Get out there and start selling and adjust as you go. Particualrly with products, there is a huge advantage to being first to market (and your customers will give you great feedback with which you can improve your product or service offering anyway).

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