Read This Before Anything Else – How To Get Heaps Of Well-Qualified Leads

by Brendon on March 16, 2005

You know how you do things and then afterwards think “That is so obvious, why haven’t I done that before?”
I’ve had such a moment with a recent newsletter (offline) that we sent to a niche. One of the newsletter articles was a strong recommendation to readers to put a decent statistics program on their web site.
Here’s the article in full:
# 1 Recommendation For Web Site Owners
Our number 1 recommendation for managing a web site is simply this:
Use a quality statistics package
A good quality statistics program for your web site needn’t cost a fortune. The statistics program we use on our own web sites, and many client web sites, can be purchased and installed for just $80 + GST.
This is a statistics program that tells you:
* How many visitors you have each day
* What links they clicked on to find you
* What search engine they used to find you
* What search term they used to find you
* What pages they looked at
* How long they stayed for
…..and much more.
That’s vital information. Information that can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year.
We’ve had a number of clients experience just that. A web site the client has advertised with for a year previously contacts our client.
“Would you like to renew your link on our web site for $400 a year?”
After a quick look at the statistics we can see that over the previous 12 months that web site had provided just 4 visitors.
Make Your Web Site Accountable
A good statistics program on your web site makes the site, and your web manager, accountable.
Let’s say you spend $2,000 on search engine optimization — that is, you’re trying to get higher search engine rankings.
Armed with your statistics program you can tell if the
expenditure has resulted in higher rankings, increased visitors and/or increased sales.
It’s the perfect way to measure the effectiveness of your advertising expenditure — helping you to cut costs where necessary or allocate resources where it helps the most.
Don’t be left in the dark. Know exactly what’s going on. Install a quality statistics package today.
That’s not so great, but it has worked fantastically well.
10% purchase rate so far!
Only $80 each, but the best thing is that every one of those 3 have said to me “We’ll need you to look at fixing up our web site too.”
Selling statistics packages looks to be an absolutely fantastic way to generate high quality leads for web site design/redevelopment.
(BTW, I have started to move across posts from the site.)

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