Quick Update About This Site

by Brendon on February 24, 2010

I get quite a few visitors to this site searching for me.

Which is terrific……but I don’t really use this site as my main site.

I generally use www.tailored.com.au as my main web site and integrate in my Twitter account, blog and more over there.

I use this site for little bits and pieces, but nothing too detailed.

And to those people who email me bitching and pissing and moaning that this site doesn’t have much content for you to help you build your business, 2 things:

  1. Stop bitching, you ain’t paying me ;o)
  2. Most of the info is at www.tailored.com.au.

2 Other Little Adventures

You can check out what else I’ve been doing in my spare time at the Tasmanian Motorbike Tour site and the across Australia bike ride site I did.



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