Marketing as an after-thought

by Brendon on March 22, 2005

I have a pitch to make today for a potential client. I only met him last week and discussed at length the business he has just purchased.
Like many clients, this guy has set his business up and has been running it for a few months. But it’s only now that he has recognised the need for marketing. Until now the business has not been marketed.
What I propose will almost certainly work really well. And the reason for that is simple:
Successful marketing is often completed by just doing something.
Run an ad, do direct mail, make an offer – do something to try and attract business and chances are good that you’ll attract business.
But do something each and every day. That’s the key.
Marketing is like shampooing your hair. Here are the instructions:
1. Test.
2. Execute.
3. Then check the results.
4. Repeat.

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