Long Discussions on What To Do

by Brendon on April 22, 2006

Here in the business we often have long discussions regarding the various issues that crop up from time to time.
One we discussed today was how to ensure the best outcome for the client when they provide so many directions that it’s like they are going to ensure their web site fails.
Because I’ve had that recently – a client employed us to develop her web site, was happy all the way along and then decided she didn’t like the look of it.
And then she wanted to add lots of images….and change the word……and remove text. All the things we strongly advised against.
The Web Site Will Succeed
I’m not sure what the client’s motivation was – perhaps she thought, like many others, that a web site’s success depends on it looking pretty.
We finally managed to talk her around with a fairly direct “Leave the web site like it is and it will succeed. If we implement what you want the site will fail.”
Give the client what they want or what they need?
So, should we give the client want they want (and they’re happy) or give them what they need (and they’re unahppy….but the site succeeds)?
You would hope that the 2 would fit together, but they rarely do.

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