It’s Not About The Look……Moron!

by Brendon on October 11, 2006

I wrote a post on my Tailored site about some clown who was on a forum saying we couldn’t do a databased job that some guy wanted doing.
The guy who wanted the job done also looked at our site and said something like “I don’t like their site – we won’t ask them.”
Thank god for that!
It’s people like this guy who we don’t want as clients – he has an apparently huge databasing job (he keeps saying how sophisticated it is) and a budget of $25,000.
Mate, if your budget is that little for a massive job then we don’t want it!
Let’s Get Back To The Look Of Our Site At
Sure, it’s not world’s most beautiful site.
But it does the only thing it is supposed to – it generates us the type of clients we want.
That is, clients who know what they’re talking about, clients who have a decent budget, clients who understand web success isn’t about having a pretty web site.
After extensive research we pretty much know the exact client we want – we don’t want everyone because not everyone is profitable.
When we do a job for a client we guarantee them this:
It will look and work how they want – obviously we give the client recommendations, but they get it how they want it.
And it will work really, really, really well.
We have more examples of that than you can poke a big stick at.
It’s easy being in competition with web developers who think the most important part of a web site is how it looks.

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