“I Just Don’t Want To Be Ripped Off.”

by Brendon on November 29, 2006

I just submitted my Tailored blog to a new service called BlogHijinks after reading about it over on the excellent Simon Sandler blog.
It’s one of those sites that annoys me – they have a “Be featured for $4.95” submission or a free subsmission.
It’s only when you’ve done all of the work to list your site do you find out that you have to provide a reciprocal link. They don’t tell you at the start. I bloody hate that.
The other thing that seems dodgy to me is that the $4.95 fee is monthly recurring! They don’t tell you that at the start.
Anyway, I submitted the site just to see the process but I’m feel like they’re trying to scam me already.
Just like a client I saw last week – he’s being charged $600 pa for his web site hosting. I told him we’d transfer him to our host for $200 pa.
He said, “You can charge me $600 if you want – I just feel like these others guys are ripping me off.”
People hate feeling like they’re being ripped off.
Treat them well. Charge a decent amount so you can make a profit. And keep the client fully informed. It ain’t that hard.

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