How We’ve Won Our Last 13 Jobs

by Brendon on June 22, 2005

In front of me I have a list of 13 web sites we are currently doing.
This is how we got the jobs:
Site 1. Referral from a Graphic Artist we use
Site 2. Referral from another client
Site 3. Referral from another client
Site 4. Newsletter mail out
Site 5. Newsletter mail out
Site 6. Referral from PR consultant we’ve worked with before
Site 7. Referral from Graphic Artist
Site 8. Referral from Graphic Artist
Site 9. Referral from client
Site 10. Personal contact
Site 11. Personal contact
Site 12. Personal contact
Site 13. Referral from client
The referrals alone from the Graphic Artist are worth in excess of $50,000 to me.
The newsletter mail out (I’ve mentioned the success of this before) brings our jobs obtained from a 2 piece mail out (we sent newsletters to 100 contacts twice) to about $20,000.
That’s a $200 expenditure for $20,000 in income.
What to take home from this:
1. Be bloody nice to your clients and your suppliers (take them out for lunch/dinner/golf/a show/etc/etc). Always.
2. When someone does something nice for you, do something nice for them.
3. Send out a newsletter to anyone and everyone who could possibly be your target market.
Act today.

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