How To Write An Ad

by Brendon on March 6, 2005

Now this is the beauty of the blog. Instant info!
I’m sitting here reading a marketing magazine (the creative genius behind it called it….’Marketing’. I actually love the name. Perfectly descriptive and you know exactly what it is about). Anyway…..
… the back of the magazine they have the usual classified ads. One such ad reads something like:
Top 5 reasons why this ad is effective
* It shows who we are
* It tells you what we do
* The ad contains a cute image
* It tells you how to contact us
* It ends with our logo
Whoever designed and paid for that ad needs a good talking to!
Your ad needs to do this:
Make an offer
Tell the person what to do next
(Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
Do that and you’ll make sales. Ponce around with trendy, pretty sounding ads and you’ll waste your money.

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