How To Create A Sense Of Trust – Pat The Dog

by Brendon on June 14, 2005

Creating trust in you/your web site/your business can be a difficult thing to do. One thing we can all do is take a leaf out the book movies use.
You know the scene. It goes like this:
* Handsome hero comes into shot.
* He is greeted by his dog.
* He affectionately pats the dog.
Having the hero pat the dog is how the movie Director indicates to the audience that this is the good guy. That he is nice, trustworthy and just plain decent. And the Director does it like this because this is what works in establishing all those characteristics in the mind of the audience.
Now, you might not have a dog to use in your advertising but I’ve seen much the same strategy used by businesspeople advertising with their children in the ad.
Humanises The Business
What the dog or the child does is makes the business seem more personal. They humanise the business and the businessperson by showing that the business owner is just like you and me.
I generally mention my wife and kids in this blog because it just seems a friendlier way to write about what I write about. And I have no doubt that doing that goes a long way towards showing me in a more ‘personal’ light rather than just another anonymous person with a web site.
Personalising the marketing of your business increases the perception of friendliness and trustworthiness (is that even a word??!). Aspects that are great positives for any business.
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