How to charge 10 times what your competition does……and still make the sale!!

by Brendon on March 17, 2005

I’ve just come from a meeting with a client who we signed up today. The client wants a web site for her business.
We’ve won the job despite being 10 times the price of our competitor’s quote. That’s right – 10 times the price.
As we do with all of our clients, I asked why our proposal won the job. The client’s answer was pretty much what I hoped.
* We assessed her needs
* We provided a solution
This client needed a web site up and working asap, she needed us to write the copy for the site and she needed an idea on how to market the site.
We addressed all those, gave her some examples and got the job.
(P.S: The client told me the competition basically said, “How big do you want the site? What do you want the buttons to say?” And that was the assessment!)
Have a good day.
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