A Client You Probably Don’t Want

by Brendon on February 20, 2007

The best clients come on in, make a decision and get things moving.
I have a prospect at the moment.
Prospect – search engine optimisation work. Have been back and forth with us for 3 months. I’ve made the offer 3 times. They’ve accepted then pulled back.
Today they asked me to quote for more work and then asked for a discount because I would be getting 2 jobs.
I sent the “Our schedule is suddenly busy – we can’t help you” email. And ran as far as I could from the client.
Some clients you just don’t want – somethimes it can be an obvious red flag like the above that tells you, or simply a gut feeling.,
Either way, take notice and don’t take the client on. IT is almost worth more trouble than the money you receive.

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