by Brendon on April 21, 2005

Solve client’s problem
If you, like me, have been hammered today with hundreds of infected emails you’ll know how frustrating it can be. It’s pretty much slowed our work day to a crawl. This virus is the worst I’ve every seen and it will get bigger over the next couple of days (note: this blog is transferred over from my site and was orginally written in January 2004).
This virus is a great opportunity for you. Follow these 3 simple steps.
1. Pick up the telephone and call everyone of your clients and tell them about the virus.
2. Post up on your web site all the information about the virus that is known. Include links to virus software sites. Direct your clients to the site.
3. Tell your clients how to check and fix their computer themselves. Or offer to go to them and check their virus software and hard drives for a fee.
Once you’ve done that you will have some extra business. Then ring around all of your clients again in a couple of days to check and make sure all is working fine. Suggest some safeguards for the future – write that down in a mini-report and post it to your clients with your compliments.
Even the clients that didn’t use your services will thank you for being so concerned, proactive and helpful. And you’ll also get plenty of referral work.
Like I mentioned below, business is about taking headaches away for your clients. Do that and you’ll have a terrific business in no time.

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