Great Clients And How Much Good They Can Do

by Brendon on July 6, 2005

Because we do so many web sites I’m very aware of overcoming the client’s resistance to buying because of the perceived risk. One way we try and demonstrate our quality and expertise is by providing current client names and numbers to potential clients.
What generally happens is the potential client rings a current client and finds out how we do business in practice (because we all say we’re fantastic in the meeting!).
This Is What One Of Our Clients Did Yesterday
One of our clients (I’ll call him Ross………because that’s his name!) spoke with a business owner we’d been meeting with about a web site. Ross spent 15 minutes on the phone telling this client how we’d performed with him over over the past year or so.
I was very appreciative of Ross taking the time to chat to our potential client.
Yesterday, Ross was driving past our potential client’s business and decided to drop in. So in he went and introduced himself to our potential client in person.
They had another chat about us (Tailored Consulting).
Will We Get The Job?
My mum always told me not to count my chickens before they hatched, but the chances for our success would have increased significantly because of Ross’ efforts.
That’s the first time a client has ever gone way out of their way like that to help us get a job and I’m thrilled Ross has thought so much about our business to help so much.
And I’d usually end off with a comment about how we can repeat the process, but I really don’t know. It’s not as if we can ask our clients to visit potential clients and praise us up!
Or can we??!
References are good. Testimonials are fantastic. An in-person visit to provide a testimonial is unbelievable. Thanks Ross!

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