Top 10 ways to get more business – do these each and every day!

by Brendon on March 17, 2005

1. Call 2 old clients to say hello
2. Send out a newsletter detailing some offers you have
3. Post out 10 postcards to prospects
4. Send out a media release a day
5. Write an article for an industry magazine within your speciality
6. Send 3 clients an email offer of some sort
7. Send an offer with every invoice you send
8. Send a prospect something of interest (such as a press clipping)
9. Write to 1 industry organisation and offer a speech on your speciality
10. Read 1 web site like this one every day for fresh ideas
Business is about developing relationships. If you keep in contact with your clients they will continue to buy from you. If you get in contact with people who haven’t heard of you before, then they might buy from you.
Good luck.
(from August 2003)

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